For information about my work as a tour guide, please visit or call (504) 861-2727. For all other forms of contact, including media and collaboration inquiries pertaining to the podcast, Rose Sinister: Vampires, use the form below, or keep scrolling for information about my various social media presences.



An internet nerd since the early 90’s, I love connecting with people across a variety of platforms. Chose to follow me based on your preferences:

The Rose Sinister Facebook page is primarily used to communicate news and share stories pertinent to vampire pop culture, as well as announce in-person appearances, etc, and isn’t always updated daily. The Facebook page is seldom political (but if you’ve paid attention to the podcast, my politics aren’t hard to guess)
The Rose Sinister Twitter feed is more informal, updated at least daily, and is sometimes political. You’ll find announcements, gushing, and re-tweets pertinent to vampire stories and related interests.
The Rose Sinister Instagram feed is where my love for New Orleans is on full-hilt display. I love showcasing my favorite iPhone captures taken while I’m out and about in the City. I also love re-posting images guests capture while on my ghost and vampire tours. In my stories you’ll find behind-the-scenes snippets of my podcasting work. Instagram is never intentionally political. It’s Instagram. Its where we go to escape politics!
Pinterest is where I post themed mood boards for each episode of my podcast, Rose Sinister: Vampires, as well as fashion, decor, and, yes, food inspiration. It’s incredibly personal and intimate and a little bit disorganized at the moment. It’s not terribly political, but again, if you follow my podcasts, my politics aren’t hard to guess at, and pictures speak a thousand words, so…


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